DJ Batman Kizomba

Started as salsa dancer and introduced to Kizomba by a friend 2011 and immediately fall in love.
Got a chance to DJ in Bachata/Kizomba weekend in 2012 and from then DJ-ing Kizomba in most of  festivals and parties in Stockholm and Sweden.
Run Kizola nights as co-owner and DJ, the oldest kizomba club in Stockholm.
DJ-ing Hot Salsa Weekend (2012-2015) and Salsa Cruise (2012-15), Sweden Kizomba festival, Scandinavian Salsa Congress, also DJ-ing in Helsinki and Norway. 

Plays Kizomba, semba, Ghetto zouk, but like to play more sensual Tarraxinha, which goes great with more modern kizomba, this kind of mix is loved by people on dance-floor. Like to see crowd on the dance floor moving to the rhythms he plays.